I am a musician, trained in guitar. However, I lean a bit against my classical training and prefer to belabour my guitars with sponges or vibrators and expand the instrumentation to include transducers, MAX MSP or performative elements. Additionally, I don't limit myself to being a medium for written compositions to become alive. Instead, I see my role as a musician extending beyond interpretation and like to get involved in the composition or conceptualisation process. A concert is not just music alone, but also visual or dramatic or meditation or .... Therefore, I don't do music only, but collaborate interdisciplinary with other artists.

guitarist; Reto Weiche, Gitarrist, contemporary music, classical music, guitar teacher, Gitarrenlehrer, Gitarrenunterricht
© Simon Höfele

„Reto Weiche is a musician who works with a wide range of instruments or media. However, he excels best in both classical guitar and electric guitar at an artistically and technically advanced level. He constantly seeks to expand his expressive and sonic possibilities, making him a promising and interesting interpreter of both contemporary and older music. In his interpretations, Reto always strives for individual expression while simultaneously engaging in detailed study of each score.
His musical curiosity is particularly reflected in his intensive engagement with New Music. He is highly regarded by composers as an interpreter and sought-after partner in the creation process of new works. For fellow musicians, he is a popular chamber music partner and ensemble player. A number of works have been specifically created for him in recent years, often at his initiative. Even during his studies, he has been a frequent guest at important festivals (most recently at the Bludenzer Tage für zeitgemäße Musik and the ZeitGenuss Festival in Karlsruhe). His extensive knowledge of classical guitar literature, his love for contemporary music with its diverse forms of expression and experimentation, and his varied experiences in improvisation also make him a teacher with an enormously broad horizon.“
Tillmann Reinbeck (professor at HMdK Stuttgart)