In 1991 I was born into family of musicians in Berlin. Now, I find myself making music in various formats, experimenting with a wide array of instruments and media. However, my forte lies in mastering guitars in all their forms and accessories.

My musical journey began at the age of 3 with cello lessons, soon followed by piano instruction. I performed with youth orchestras and showcased smaller solo works. A decade later, I delved into popular music, purchased an electric guitar, taught myself and formed a band. Stemming from earlier projects, my band 6KornBrot (active until 2012) won competitions and toured all across Europe.

In the meantime, I merged my love for the guitar with my enthusiasm for classical music, prompting me to pursue classical guitar lessons. In 2008, I was admitted as a student to the Specialized Music High School "Carl-Phillip-Emanuel-Bach" in Berlin, where I deepened my musical education. By 2012, I participated in my first competitions, clinching 1st prizes across all levels of "Jugend Musiziert" and the 2nd prize at the "BremenGuitarArt" competition.

After completing my Bachelor of Music under Eugenia Kanthou (HfM "Hanns Eisler" Berlin) and Zoran Dukic (Royal Conservatory "The Hague"), I graduated in my Master's in classical guitar achieving a perfect 1.0 gradewith distinction under Johannes Monno and Tillmann Reinbeck (HMdK Stuttgart). Currently, I am completing my studies in Master of New Music (HMdK Stuttgart) under Tillmann Reinbeck and Thilo Ruck, focusing on classical guitar and electric guitar, as well as at the SonicSpace of the Music University Basel under Yaron Deutsch, Markus Weiss, Sarah Maria Sun, and Mike Svoboda. In 2022, I received the Music Fund Scholarship and have been a scholarship holder of the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg since 2023.

guitarist; Reto Weiche, Gitarrist, contemporary music, classical music, guitar teacher, Gitarrenlehrer, Gitarrenunterricht
© Sophia Hegewald

I perform in various solo formats as well as chamber music ensembles and am a founding member of the Detect Ensemble, the interdisciplinary duo 10-01, and the music theater collective Amt für Körper und Schall. I am a sought-after guest with ensembles and orchestras such as the SWR Experimental Studio, the Asco-Schönberg Ensemble, the Quillo Ensemble, or the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt, the state operas in Berlin and Stuttgart, and have worked under the supervision of personalities such as Helmut Lachenmann, Reinberg de Leeuw, Moritz Eggert, or Howard Graffiths. Currently, I am lecturing as part of the N(o)ice project at the Musikhochschule Hannover.

In recent years, I have placed great emphasis on close collaboration with composers and artists from non-musical fields. In 2022, works such as "Lorry 39" (Ying Wang), "A Cerebral’s Rhapsody" (Huihui Cheng) at Theater Freiburg, and "La Piccola Cubana" (Hans-Werner Henze) at the Staatsoper Berlin were premiered with my participation. In 2024, I was involved in the musical production and premiere of "Fundbüro" at the Junge Oper Stuttgart. With my Detect Ensemble, I give concerts throughout Germany and am a sought-after guest at various festivals (Kampnagel Hamburg, Detect Classic Festival, etc.) and as a solo artist I've performed at known festivals of contemporary music (Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemäßer Musik, ZeitGenuss Karlsruhe, ... )

In addition to my artistic work, I have always been driven by an interest in educational work. As a high school graduate, I began my career at the music schools of the VdM and have been teaching at their facilities ever since. In doing so, I have had the privilege of nurturing several prize winners in "Jugend Musiziert," serving as a juror for the competition, and becoming the head of the guitar department at the Musikschule Fellbach.

guitarist; Reto Weiche, Gitarrist, contemporary music, classical music, guitar teacher, Gitarrenlehrer, Gitarrenunterricht
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